The Rained-Out Blues: Hamsters, Race Cars, and Weather?!


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Jazz Appreciation Month continues on The Music Podcast for Kids. Join Mr. Henry, Mr. Fite, and Mr. Hairylegs as they turn a rainy day into a blues song and the best day ever! Breakfast, hamsters, race cars, and music?! Find out more in today’s episode. Be sure to leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks so much for listening!

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Listening Challenge Answers:

  1. Minor (sad)
  2. Blues Scale
  3. Major (happy)

Let the music begin in 3, 2, 1... Learning music, having fun. That’s what we’re gonna do. Mr. Henry, Mr. Fite, exploring along with you. Learning music, having fun. That’s what we’re gonna do. Mr. Henry, Mr. Fite love hanging out with you. The Music Podcast for Kids!

Hello and welcome to The Music Podcast for Kids we're your hosts Mr. Henry and Mr. Fite - Music educators extraordinaire! The Music Podcast for Kids is a fun and educational podcast where we learn and explore the best subject ever - music!

And now, the music joke of the day. We love jokes. So if you have a joke, please visit our website to submit your joke. And guess what? It doesn't even have to be a music joke; it can be any joke. We will read and enjoy your joke on the podcast and also let everyone know who it came from and where you are in this great big wonderful music world.

Our joke of the day is

Hey Mr. Fite? Why is the ocean blue? Ummm… I don’t know. Because the island didn’t wave back.

Make sure to send in your jokes by visiting our website a link to the website can be found in the show notes.

And now the music word of the day.

Music Word of the Day:

Bruce: Before we get to our main subject of the day, Blues, let’s take a look at the music word of the day:

Bill/Bruce: Scales!

Bill: Mr. Fite, why do you want to talk about weighing yourself on a music podcast? Or did you want to talk about rock climbing? (kind of to self) I can see it now, scaling the face of El Capitan! No ropes, just some powder, and my muscular fingers...

Bruce: No, Mr. Henry! Not that kind of scale, a music scale

Bill: Oh, right, a music scale

Bruce: That’s right. A music scale is kind of like going up or down a set of stairs. It’s a set of notes in a particular order and it has a special sound. I remember when I was younger, as I would go up a set of stairs, I would skip some steps and take some, one at a time. That’s exactly how a music scale works.

Bill: Music scales are awesome!

Bruce: Listen to this scale. Does it sound happy or sad?

Bill: Definitely happy! That’s a major scale.

Bruce: How about this one?

Bill: That one makes me feel sad (sniff, sniff). It’s a minor scale.

Bruce: Now here’s a scale that has a special “feeling down” sound.

Bill: That IS different. It’s kind of sad, but, at the same time, it kind of makes me feel better.

Bruce: Exactly. That’s what makes a blues scale special. That’s the beauty of scales in music. If a composer wants the music to have a certain feel, they will choose the scale that best fits that feeling.

Bill: So there you have it. Music has a very important foundation:

Bill/Bruce: Scales!

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And now, The Main Subject of the Day:

Bill: Hey, Mr. Fite! How ya... doing. Wow, you look sad.

Bruce: Hey Mr. Henry. I am sad because it’s raining and I was hoping to go outside and play. I’m feeling blue...

Bill: Blue? Maybe you should stop holding your breath.

Bruce: No, not the color blue, I’m FEELING blue. When we say we’re feeling blue, it means we feel sad or bummed out about something.

Bill: Oh right.

Bruce: My playtime got rained-out so you could say I’ve got the rained-out blues.

Mr. Hairy Legs: Hey Mr. Henry, hey Mr. Fite! How ya doing?

Bill: Oh, I’m fine, but Mr. Fite has the blues.

Mr. Hairy Legs: Oh, the flu! Having the flu is NO fun, I had it once.

Bill: No, he is BLUE!

Mr. Hairy Legs: Oh, blue. Well, he looks more pale and pasty than he does blue, but, I’ll take your word for it. My eyes aren’t really the best these days.

Bruce: Mr. Hairy Legs, when we say we are blue or have the blues, we mean that we feel sad or bummed out. All of this rain has ruined my plans to play outside today.

Bill: Well, you got your bath and you’re all dressed so why don’t you have something to eat? I could cook us up some eggs and toast.

Mr. Hairy Legs: I don’t like the legs of the roast, that’s always the toughest part to chew.

Bruce: No, he said EGGS and TOAST!

Mr. Hairy Legs: Oh, that sounds delicious!

Bill: Okay eggs and toast it is!

(Maybe some cooking noises and then eating noises)

Bruce: Phew! I feel better having eaten something. Thanks for making breakfast, Mr. Henry.

Bill: No problem, Mr. Fite. Hey, what’s the weather looking like out there?

Bruce: Let’s see here...oh no! Now it’s sleeting outside

Mr. Hairy Legs: Who’s sleeping outside? This is NOT good camping weather.

Bruce: No, Mr. Hairy Legs, the rain has turned into sleet!

Mr. Hairy Legs: Oh...

Bill: Hey, Mr. Fite. I just found this cookbook on your shelf. “Teach Your Hamster How to Cook.” That sounds like fun!

Bruce: Oh, yeah! That’s my favorite book. It only takes 15 minutes!

Mr. Hairy Legs: Well, I don’t think hamster tastes very good. It must be an acquired taste.

Bruce: Umm… never mind Mr. Hairy Legs…

Bill: How ‘bout we watch some TV?

Bruce: Great idea! Hey, my favorite show is on. It’s about a race car and a cool pink flamingo.

Mr. Hairy Legs: Oh, yeah! Ringo was my favorite Beatle too, Mr. Fite.

Bill/Bruce: Oh boy...

Bruce: Hey, guys! Look! The sleet has turned into… SNOW!!!

Mr. Hairy Legs: Let’s go!!

Bruce: No, Mr. Hairy Legs. I said snow.

Mr. Hairy Legs: I know you said snow. Whadya think I’m hard of hearing or something?

Bruce: Oh, sorry Mr. Hairy Legs. Let me find my favorite pair of shoes. My big red snow boots!

Bill: Yeah, I’ll go get my snow boots too! Hey Mr Fite, you don’t look sad anymore. Your big red boots helped you lose your rained-out blues!

Everyone: Woo Hoo! Let’s go!

Bill: One hour later…(coming back inside from playing in the snow)

Bruce: Hey guys, while we were out playing in the snow, I had a great idea for a blues song! I’ll grab my guitar and practice the blues scale to get ready for my solo. Mr. Henry, you can play the bass, it’s over there.

Bill: Oh cool!

Bruce: And Mr. Hairy Legs, you can hop on the drums over there.

Mr. Hairy Legs: I chomp with my gums all the time. How about I play the drums?

Bruce: Uhhh… yeah… uhh great idea Mr. Hairy Legs.

Okay fellas, here we go!

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Time for the super-duper music challenge. It’s time to test your ears. Test your ears? I don't think you can really give your ears a test Mr. Henry. I mean how do your ears hold a pencil without bleeding? Oh no Mr. Fite, when I say test your ears I mean listening to something and trying to figure it out through hearing it. Oh right of course. Time to play the music podcast for kids super duper music listening challenge. A little bit long of a title? We’ll have to work it out. Okay onto the challenge.

In today’s episode, we learned about scales. And we got to listen to three different types of scales. The major scale, which sounds happy. The minor scale which sounds kind of sad. And the blues scale which is kind of a mix between the two. So, I’m going to play one of these scales and I want to see if you can guess which one it is. Are you ready? Here is number one. Is that scale major (happy), minor (sad), or the blues scale? Which one do you think it was? Here is number two. Is that scale major (happy), minor (sad), or the blues scale? Which one do you think it was? Here is number three. Is that scale major (happy), minor (sad), or the blues scale? Which one do you think it was?

How did you do? Hopefully, you nailed it. You can go to the show notes to check your answers. Awesome!

Time to wrap it up, folks! Thank you so much for tuning in to the Music Podcast for Kids. We hope you enjoyed the show, and most importantly, learned something cool today about music. Remember to send in your jokes or even a topic in music you would like us to discuss by visiting our website If you are interested in awesome educational and fun songs for your kids to listen to and sing along with, please visit Music is available to download with iTunes, CD Baby, and Facebook, and most streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Radio. Links will be found in the show notes. If you are interested in learning how to play the piano with a fun and engaging curriculum geared toward kids, please subscribe to Mr. Henry's YouTube channel called Mr. Henry's Music World. Links would be found in the show notes. Please visit iTunes to leave a review of the podcast and also share the podcast with friends, relatives, aliens, whoever! Again we thank you so much for tuning in!

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