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Welcome to our monthly feature, Close-ing Time – in partnership with

Chris Linsell from and D.J discuss Chris’ article with “111 shocking real estate statistics” and go through some of these statistics together. Chris discusses hype shifts in the market seen in the last couple of years. Chris also focuses on the importance of agent’s activity on social media for their business. Last, Chris discusses 3 categories that bring success to agent’s marketing efforts.

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D.J. Paris 0:00
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buy real estate agents and for real estate agents. My name is DJ Parris. I’m your guide and host for the show and today is our monthly series called closing time with crystallin sell from the This is a partnership between keeping it real and the clothes and let me tell you more about the clothes if you’re not familiar. The is the kind of real estate website designed to give agents teams and brokerages actionable strategic insight from industry professionals. They cover real estate marketing, lead generation technology and team building strategies from the perspective of working agents and brokers who want to take their business to the next level. Now please visit the to check out their articles. I also recommend subscribing to their newsletter, so you get notified every time they come out with a new article. And their articles are incredibly deep and detailed. And for example, if you were looking to some ideas of how to conduct a better open house, they are not just those some of those articles you might find by searching and you see these lists of a few different ideas that you already know these are deep dive articles. So definitely check out the with us, as always is Chris Lindh Sal, he is a staff writer and the real estate coach for the close. Now Chris is the closes resident expert on real estate topics ranging from marketing lead gen transactional best practices and everything in between. So licensed agent Chris is a licensed agent in the state of Michigan, and he’s been part of hundreds of transactions from modest rural, rural starter homes to massive waterside compounds. And when he isn’t writing, you’ll find Chris fly fishing or performing on the stage of his community, local community theater. And Chris, welcome once again to the show.

Chris Linsell 3:09
DJ pleasure to be here. Glad to see you glad to glad to get into the real estate, real estate Convo today. Man, there’s a lot going on right now in the real estate space. So excited to chat.

D.J. Paris 3:22
Well, you’re not only our Sherpa in the sense of what’s going on in real estate news and technology and sort of actionable insight from market sort of conditions. You’re also my Sherpa for my new smokers. So Chris is also into smoking meats not that this audience is that interested in hearing us discuss that but i i Chris helps me I just smoked my first brisket and Chris was was helpful during that and helpful, everyone. So you have his he has a lot of knowledge. And we’re excited to have you again. So

Chris Linsell 3:54
well. Yeah, well, you know, whatever I can do to fill your brain or fill your belly, man. You know, you just let me know how I can help.

D.J. Paris 4:00
I love it. Well, let’s you guys just recently are you in particular just released a an article a couple of days ago on shocking real estate statistics that agents and everyone needs to know about. So I’m excited to get go through some of the standard by the way you wrote. This is how detailed Chris as a writer is as well as the close itself. There’s 111 Shocking real estate statistics and imagine as an agent, if you just went through there and picked out 15 or 20 that you could just have at the ready whenever you’re having conversations about real estate or the conditions of the market today. I would imagine that would be some nice expression with arrows in the quiver, right? Yeah, arrows.

Chris Linsell 4:45
Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, I want to make sure I give credit where credit’s due. It wasn’t just me that that worked on this. We have an amazing team over the clothes, including another one of our staff writers Jody and our marketing In manager, Becky, that both played a major part in making sure that this article was exactly as valuable as it is. So major kudos to those folks and a whole close team. But I will say, you know, there are a couple of things that are worth calling out here just at the jump. That, I think if you’re, if you’re listening to this, and you’re wondering, okay, yeah, okay, I’ll here’s some, some real estate statistics, because I think it’s interesting, but how does this actually apply to making my business better. And I want to just start by telling you, a whole bunch of the things in this article, and that we’ll talk about today will directly positively affect your efforts as a real estate agent, because a part of what you do, and a part of, of how you position yourself to create the business that you want, is by showing your community and your clients and your prospects, that not only are you experienced in the spaces that you serve, but you’re also knowledgeable about what’s going on. And you can take that knowledge and apply it to benefit your clients. So as an example, as an example, just right off the jump, I was really interested to learn through the research of this article that there are currently as of July of this year, there’s 1.6 million members in the National Association of Realtors, this is an all time high, never had this many people in NAR, which is crazy. I mean, so there’s a lot of people in the real estate space, there’s actually over 3 million people with active real estate licenses in the United States. So there’s a whole cohort of people out there who have real estate licenses that aren’t a member of NAR. So when you are talking to your clients right now, you can start with some of this information and say it and internally have this knowledge that you’re not the only game in town, there’s a lot of people out there who are competing for the real estate business. And when a client chooses you, that means that they have chosen you among other competitions. So be knowledgeable of that be thoughtful of the fact that they have choices. And you can you can kind of leverage that through your initial conversations with them.

D.J. Paris 7:18
Yeah, I actually think that’s a real positive because it reminds me of I think it was M Scott Peck who wrote this book although I could be wrong, which is the road The Road Less trap while he wrote the road less traveled. But I you know, it was he wrote this book, but the axle expressed it, I was gonna say it’s not that but it’s never crowded along the extra mile. Right. So I think this allows agents to step up their game become more valuable to their clients, and also separate from the pack.

Chris Linsell 7:47
Yep, absolutely. So I want to throw out just a couple of numbers, DJ, and let’s see if you can, we’ll play a little little rapid fire and I will not be looking at the article, don’t you don’t look? Okay. Okay. This is really sick, significant number here. 66%. What do you think 66% might apply to in the real estate space?

D.J. Paris 8:10
I would, I’m curious if it has to do with the amount of agents that have been in the industry for less than a couple of years?

Chris Linsell 8:17
Oh, good, good guests. But no, as of 2022, started 2020, to a full 66 actually a little bit over 66, almost 67% of real estate professionals are women. We are living in a world and working in an industry driven by women. This is a place where the success of the market at large depends on women. Now men certainly play a major role in this too. We’re all in this together. But ladies, if you’re listening to this, you are the driving force in our industry. And you know, we as an industry as a whole those of us who talk about and work through the industry, we got to take this into account because your the perspectives and the direction of women in our profession are the driving force of success.

D.J. Paris 9:07
I’m starting to see a lot more female only or female lead brokerages and fin teams in particular, I’m seeing a lot more of that than I did a decade ago when I got into this industry. And I’m I think it is it is very fun and neat to see that. And I think that, you know, boy, some I used to see a lot of teams that that had both men and women and a lot of teams do. But I do have a there’s a special place in my heart when I see a bunch of women collectively getting together. And you know, they do sort of run this industry in a lot of ways. And I think that ultimately is is a good a good thing for everyone. But I see I’m seeing like now’s the time for the for these women who seem to be taking more leadership positions and running things and I’d be curious to see how that all plays out. You

Chris Linsell 9:54
know, I totally agree. Okay, another question DJ, what would you guess the percentage Have Realtors actively United States who have had their real estate license for one year or less? I’m talking brand new real estate agent, right? What percentage of of agents in the US have had their license for one year or less? 15% is my guess. Actually, that would be a great guest last year, but this year 18% 18% of agents out there have had their license for less than a year. And here’s what agents and brokers need to know about this information. One, there is a reasonable chance like almost one in five, that the agent across the table from you, this may be their first transaction. Okay, so for those of you who are seasoned in the space, keep in mind, almost a 20% chance here that the person sitting across the table from you is brand new to this. So how do you need to adjust your communication? How do you need to adjust kind of the shared workload of getting transactions across the finish line? You know, in the real estate space, our competitors are also our colleagues. So how are you going to how are you going to keep that in mind. Another thing to think here is if you are a managing broker, or if you are a, you know, you own a brokerage, or an indie agency, or franchise, you got to know you have more new agents in the space than then historically you’ve ever had. And this means it’s time to step up your professional development, you have to be really thoughtful and conscientious about your training. And Holy smokes. If you are a team leader who has working with brand new agents on the daily, like they’re shoulder to shoulder with you, these are folks, you have more of these people in the industry who want to learn from you than ever before. So if you’re building a team, keep in mind, you got a lot of inexperienced agents out there. But that usually means you have a lot of folks who are ready and anxious to learn kind of at the feet, so to speak, of somebody who’s done it a number of times successfully. So yeah, it’s a little bit of extra work, mentoring and training. But the payoff could be huge.

D.J. Paris 12:09
So it’s really never been a better time for a team leader who’s looking to expand the team with new newly licensed agents and mold them. Now there’s just more of them out there. And also, remembering for everyone listening, if you’re not in your first year, you probably remember your first year and if especially if you were not on a team, and you were trying to build your business, my suspicion is that that was a pretty stressful first, actually, probably for several years for you. So you know, we think about reaching out offering a bit of a lifeline to these these agents who might not be getting the training they need. From there, you know, managing broker who whatever you can bring them into your fold. And you can also charge them a little bit for that with a percentage of their income. That’s totally reasonable and acceptable. The other thing I was thinking, as Chris was saying, What if you’re on the other side of a transaction with somebody who’s newly licensed, inexperienced, probably doesn’t know a lot of the nuance of how to get certain transactions closed or moved through. If you nobody, very few people will ever tell you. This is my first real estate sale, Mr. Cooperative broker and our Mrs. Mrs. Broker, and can you help me, you know, it’s an embarrassing and difficult and vulnerable thing. So most people aren’t going to tell you, but you can actually look it up. If you suspect maybe somebody’s newer to the business, while obviously you could call their managing broker just say just that curiosity, are they new? And can can we help them a little, or you could just go on to your state website. And I think the information is public in all 50 states and see when they were licensed. And then you can always reach out to them and say, Hey, I see that you’re newer to the business. I got a few suggestions about how to make this happen better for you, you know, being of service that way. Instead of just going like, hey, this person doesn’t know what they’re doing. Well, yeah, they’re in their first year. And you can look that up. They don’t tell you

Chris Linsell 13:50
totally, totally. So I want to pivot a little bit. I was particularly fascinated in this in prepping and prepping this article. Looking at some of the interstate migration data. People have moved a bunch is since since you know, the spring and summer 2020 COVID did a number on those things. This is I don’t know guessing here. I just want to throw throw out a stat here and get your reaction from July 2020 to July 2021. The State of Texas grew its population by 30 million people. And the state of Florida grew its population by 22 million people biggest growth of states all across the country. And this includes California, which has the biggest population at large. And so you know, that sort of growth in California might be you know, that just in California would be impressive but seeing that kind of growth in states Texas and floor Which, you know, not small states by any means. But by far record growth. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Would you agree with that?

D.J. Paris 15:09
Yeah. And the Florida thing makes sense, because there’s a lot of baby boomers nearing retirement. And traditionally, you know, Florida is a destination that people consider. Also note, because of the state income tax situation, and other and weather and all sorts of other reasons. But yeah, so I think to me, what I hear when I hear things like, hey, client, people are moving to. And I, by the way, California, I believe, and I don’t know this, if this is true, true, but I believe they have a net negative, I think they’ve actually are losing people every year or the last couple years, at least, because of all sorts of regulatory issues and taxes and six, but anyway, Texas, Florida makes makes perfect sense. And Texas has favorable tax laws for businesses. I know lots of companies are moving there to but I guess the way I would interpret that or an action step would be time to develop relationships with brokers in those areas, because I now might have my clients may be moving, I’m in Chicago, but clients here, you know, my parents are probably going to retire to Florida as well. They’re gonna need a realtor down there.

Chris Linsell 16:13
Yep. 100%. That’s my my big takeaway for this. I don’t care what state you’re in. If it’s any excellent, I should say, if you live in any state, other than Florida and Texas, you need to run, don’t walk run to like a referral portal or like an agent database where you can connect with agents in those states and start setting up these referral relationships right now. Because chances are, you’re going to see folks who are looking to get to those states, at the very minimum to buy second homes for vacation properties, maybe to relocate in general, it is still, it would be statistically unlikely that you don’t experience that, you know, over the next couple of years. So be thoughtful about the fact that Florida and Texas are destinations right now, they’re likely going to be for the foreseeable future, in part because of what you mentioned. As as you know, we’ve got retirements for a lot of folks coming up, we’ve got favorable tax and regulatory environments for businesses. So definitely something that is worth worth keeping in mind. If you only have a couple of referral relationships, make sure you’ve got them. In Texas, and in Florida.

D.J. Paris 17:28
In Texas, I was gonna say in Texas, what that means in Florida as well is all the major cities are the major markets. You need to have a realtor in place for that. How do you find them? Lots of different strategies. I think we can all probably figure out ways to do that. You could Zillow reviews, you can ask if you have an internal network within your brokerage, you can go to labcoat agents on Facebook and ask about, you know, experiences that people have lots of ways to find realtors. I guess the point is Chris is saying build your database of referral partners. Yeah,

Chris Linsell 17:57
yeah. And, you know, you had mentioned retirement, which brought up another interesting stat that I’ve found since 1980, which I know feels like ancient history for folks who are, you know, in the, in the, the, you know, Generation Z or or nearby? For me, that doesn’t seem that long ago. 1980 just feels like you know, that’s that’s just a few years ago. But since 1980, the median sale price for home in the United States has increased by 781%, which is

D.J. Paris 18:31
of seven, almost eight times. Oh, I don’t know if that right.

Chris Linsell 18:35
Yeah, that’s right. That’s right, almost almost is you have seen an almost 8x increase in the median sale price in homes. And why i Why do I think this is statistically significant? Well, for real estate professionals who have a client based or a community, where you have a lot of folks who are nearing retirement age, or maybe they are have are now just past retirement age, and they are starting to think about kind of the, you know, kind of later chapters in their life. There, it will not be uncommon to see a lot of these folks who have been living in their homes since the late 80s, and 90s, and maybe even before, and what that often translates into, is are folks who, when they’ve been in their home for 30, or 40 or 50 years, many of these folks have just stopped monitoring the value of their property, because why would they they don’t need to think about how much this is worth because they own it outright, they’ll pay the taxes. They’re not looking to sell anytime soon. This is just their house. These are many of these folks are considering now what their next options are. And so, given all of this climate, if you have these folks in your market, it is a genuine possibility. They have no idea how much their property is worth. And so All right now I am encouraging folks that I coach and do consulting with, you should be spending time in the tax roles of your community, if you have public tax roles, and identifying people who have owned their homes for 20 plus years, because it is a very good chance that these folks don’t have an accurate idea of how much their home is worth. And the longer they have owned this home, the better because it is more than likely that they have even if they think they have an idea that they don’t have the complete, accurate idea. This is where you can step in and provide cold call or cold, a cold like letter value to these folks by saying listen, I ran just a really preliminary CMA on your property. And I think you’d be surprised at the results, I think your value might be and you can ballpark up higher, you know, just just a general price. And say, I’d love to give you some ad, you know, really accurate data, I’d love to just do a quick walk through the property provide you with some options. This is totally, you know, free of obligation and charge, I just noticed that this might be something that you might missing. There’s so much value you can provide for your community through this, and a ton of business that can be done as a result of it.

D.J. Paris 21:18
My parents built their home in Peoria, Illinois in I think it was 1980. Or we moved in in 1982. Not moved. These are not my parents are super, super tech. Not I mean for their age, they’re in their 70s. They’re super tech savvy. But are they going on Zillow and looking up the value of their home? They’re not? I assure you they aren’t. And they assume the next year or two are going to eventually get rid of that home, I am going to ask them how often they receive phone calls, emails, letters in the mail that say, Hey, I want to do a value, I bet you the answer is maybe one a year if that.

Chris Linsell 21:56
It’s an opportunity to right now, especially if you have good strategies for that initial approach. And that provision of value. And if you need help on those things, you can always visit the We have a ton of resources for folks who are doing cold outreach on marketing, who are doing CMAs who are providing that sort of value to their community, lead with value, the business will come from that and a close can help you get there. I wanted to call out DJ a couple of kind of pre and I you know, I hesitate to call it post pandemic because we’re not quite post pandemic, but kind of pre COVID and kind of post COVID hype shifts that have happened in the real estate space, there’s got to kind of call these out popcorn style and get good and I want to hear your thoughts. Just in general. Number one, the the National Association of REALTORS increased their membership by nearly 50,000 people between July 2021 and the in July 2020 to 50 50,000 people join, they are pending home sales in June of 2022. We’re down over eight and a half percent over may as a direct result of these escalating mortgage rates and housing price changes. Mortgage rates are changing the way that people are shopping for homes big time right now. Another important one to call out with mortgage rates expected to likely stabilize close to 6%. Home sales are likely going to see if we predict out if we have some stabilization. 2023 may be a year that we start to see home sales stabilize and the markets balance a little bit as those as those interest rates kind of equalize a little bit. And then the last one I wanted to call out here was just the overall projection in home prices. Despite all of the craziness in the market, we are still expected to see home prices grow in 2022 on net, but 2023 There’s an expected decline in the average home price. Yeah, you know,

D.J. Paris 24:14
I think this this speaks to a I’ve always thought more of a It might even be a philosophical style question that is worth exploring, which is is a primary residence and asset. And the there’s there’s different debates about how to how to define an asset and whether a primary residence fits that criteria or not. It certainly is an asset on the day you sell it. We understand that. But I think this could be an opportunity for agents to have a deeper understanding of what an asset is and how important home value values are to somebody’s overall net worth. And you know it and I think having that in Information and being able to have a deeper conversation with somebody about the importance of home pricing today, where it’s going to be in 20 years, how it affects somebody’s overall net worth, I think is really important because I think people overestimate. So when I say people, the average buyer and seller probably overestimate the importance of where home prices go. Because it’s important when you’re buying something and when you’re selling something, and then there’s all this time in between. And, you know, do we do we want to look at a primary home as an investment? Or do we want to look at it or as an asset? Or do we want to look at it as just hey, we got to live somewhere. And and so there are different thoughts about this. And I encourage agents to have a perspective on this have a point of view, and be able to understand the different perspectives and be able to share that with somebody because I think re education or educating somebody is becomes really important, because you have to remember, buyers and sellers are going on Zillow, they’re looking at their Zestimate. They’re curious. Right? And that question is, yes, that number, whether it’s accurate or not, that’s also debatable, but people look at it, and they assign significance to it. Your job as the agent is to help them understand is, is this a significant number to you, Mr. or Mrs. Buyer and Seller? How does this fit in with your overall life plan? How it you know, and ultimately, what you might find is it’s not as important as we all in the industry think it is because we deal in home prices. And we’re always negotiating, I don’t know how important it is whether the home prices increase or decrease a little bit over time. I mean, I guess if you’re if you’re making a big giant bet on that something is going to appreciate, then yes, it is significant. If if you’re just hey, this is my family home for the next 20 years. You know, I understand having your clients understand what this asset actually does along the way. And what it does at the end, I think is a really important understanding for a realtor to have.

Chris Linsell 27:00
Yeah, I totally agree. And in fact, I coach people on a regular basis, to say, the only reason I want you to know what the kind of market sentiment and the direction of home prices is, it is it has almost nothing to do with the dollar values of the homes and almost exclusively has to do with you being connected to the sentiment of the buyers and sellers for which you are serving. Because those folks get emotionally affected by those numbers, you should only be objectively affected by those numbers, those those numbers should only change kind of how you process strategy for what’s the percentage that we should offer over or under the asking price and how many days on market, you know is you know, what’s the ratio of days on market versus versus list to sale ratios and all that stuff. Those are just objective measures for you. But for your clients, those are subjective measures. So you want to make sure that you are in tune with those market directions, in part are almost exclusively because your clients are emotionally internalizing those and you can’t be objective value to those folks without taking that into account. Right. Speaking of of kind of internalization and and kind of experience and I know we’re running up on time here, but I wanted to just call out a couple of interesting marketing statistics that we uncovered as a part of this article that I think a lot of folks would be surprised by. The first is in 2021, the closed did a survey of our readers and we found from our readership, that more than 30% of agents who we surveyed reported closing at least one transaction as a direct result of their activity on social media. One in three almost one to three agents said I got a sale because I posted on social media.

D.J. Paris 29:01
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Chris Linsell 30:22
So I thought that was worth calling out in the context of also, new data released by Mehta, who owns Facebook said that Americans and we are calling were, we are at the close, qualified some of this some of this data and took just portions of it to understand that Americans who are likely to become homebuyers or home sellers, so we’re not including folks, like under the age of 22, basically, in this, but folks who are over the age of 22, on average, spend up to 90 minutes a day, on Facebook, or Facebook connected platforms like Instagram and Messenger. These are your people, and they spend over an hour and a half a day on these platforms. And 96% of the visits to these platforms happen on mobile devices. So real estate professionals, if you are not on Facebook, get on Facebook. And if you are there, the content you are creating has to be it is not optional, it must be optimized for mobile consumption. If you are envisioning somebody opening up their laptop or logging onto their desktop computer to consume all of your wonderful Facebook information. And you are tailoring your posts to that sit down desktop experience and not to the mobile phone in the back of an Uber or on the subway or sitting on a park bench. You are wasting your efforts relative to somebody who understands exactly who is reading and consuming your content and how they are doing it. It is time to accept the fact that people are doing it on their phones. And they’re doing it a lot. In fact, the average American Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. So there is a lot of evidence to suggest that not only is your organic presence there important, but your paid presence can be very profitable, if you are doing it correctly and understanding the facts as they are.

D.J. Paris 32:42
And you know, there’s a couple a couple of things I thought about, as you mentioned that one is that it’s a great time if we if we know that 1/3 of every of all the agents who are online have have talked about getting at least one transaction for the year. Or maybe if we think about well, what is that worth? Right? So take your average home sale, and the average commission and obviously can figure that out pretty easily, then think what if I were to hire somebody to assist me with some of this? Would it be cost effective? If they could get me from maybe one Facebook transaction a year to three or four or five? Would it pay for their salary? Would it pay for their health, whether they’re part time full time, that’s another something to consider if you’re not super Facebook focused. The other thing I would say is, don’t neglect video video is how people are consuming a lot of social content. And you don’t have to have special lighting or you know, special devices, you can use your mobile device and literally just turn your phone around and at every show and go let me show you something really cool about this home. If that’s all you did. You can track your metrics and see if your audience appreciates that content. But it doesn’t have to be a lot more than that. It just has to be bite sized information that people find interesting. So now’s the time I agree with Chris to really put yourself out there on social talk about what you do provide think about value. What do my clients what are the questions my clients asked me and make videos or write articles specifically answering those questions.

Chris Linsell 34:18
100% 100% In fact, my I have another real estate coach named Sean modry, who also does some stuff with us on the clothes, specifically with our clothes pro product. And he and I have talked regularly about how successful real estate marketing especially on social really boils down to three categories. Evidence of success, evidence of knowledge and evidence of action. And social is such an easy place to demonstrate evidence in these three things. I love DJ I love your example of every time you were to show him just flip on your phone and say out. I’m going to show him I really want to show you something super cool by just doing that this 32nd video you are demonstrating action. Hey, you’re at a showing you’re a busy agent who’s out working, you know, about the inventory and the activity in the market. Oh wait, you know about the inventory. That’s evidence of knowledge. So you’ve got evidence of action, you’ve got evidence of knowledge. And what did I say? The third one was evidence of knowledge, evidence of blanken.

D.J. Paris 35:25
Knowledge, action and

Chris Linsell 35:29
experience, experience. Yeah. So these three things experience, you are literally working with somebody to accomplish the same sorts of things that your potential buyer or seller will want to accomplish. These three things are accomplished so easily on social with just this single piece of video, I tell you what, I follow a lot of realtors on Facebook, specifically those in my local market, because these are folks that I’m connected to, I want to see what they’re doing. I want to celebrate their successes with them. I’ll tell you what the most consistently successful agents in my markets are the ones that I see doing this constantly. And it generates a lot of conversation, because those folks who are doing this constantly are offering their audience a chance to engage at their on their own terms at their own pace. And it may be that the first 10 times you do this, you’re going to get no response from people, but I guarantee you people are watching. And it only takes one time for someone to say, Oh, I love bay windows like that, you know, I’ve always wanted bay windows in my house, then that single comment is going to lead to a text message or a Facebook Messenger message, it’s going to lead to a further conversation and it’s going to lead to another name and your CRM that you can then turn into a client.

D.J. Paris 36:51
You just gave me a great idea. I loved the bay windows idea. Because here in Chicago, we have a lot of our architecture for residential has a Windows and the windows are definitely like, I assume they’re still considered a premium nice thing to have. I had it in a previous condo of mine, I loved it. And if even if you’re just like, here’s everything you need to know about bay windows, and you do a little video or write an article about it. If that’s the thing that you’re into, or if that’s a thing people in your market are into. That would be incredibly unique content that a lot of people would or hate. What about the trend for all white? You know? I’m sorry, I’m blanking on on the term, but fixtures all white? You know, cabinets and countertops? What’s the deal with quartz versus granite? What’s that, like? These are things that when people are buying homes they care very deeply about and then they don’t care about them ever after that until they have to make another real estate transaction. So you could do these articles, you could go talk to a stone specialist and go say, tell me about Granite, tell me about quartz? What is it? What’s best for spills, you could go into a tile store and do that that’s content, you could it’d be super valuable. And I know you have to go Chris. So

Chris Linsell 38:07
Well, I do I did want to just attack on to that to two really quick little things. It’s that is content that is marketing, really valuable marketing assets. Also, you know, like Alert, alert, that’s professional development for you, as a real estate professional, you should know that stuff. And if you don’t know it, don’t worry, most of us don’t, you have to be active in learning those sorts of things. So you are actually bettering your business, your ability to advise your clients by going to learn that stuff. The end, you get to create marketing content. And I did want to throw out one example too. If you’re feeling daunted by by like you know that kind of like recurring video thing that we were talking about. I have an agent that I follow on my local market who is super smart about this. She is a lover of mid century modern furniture. So whenever she goes to a show if she spots something that is like the mid mid century modern style, she snaps a photo of it and she has a recurring thing on her Facebook and Instagram called the mid century mod alert. And she’ll share a photo of it she’ll share Oh, I was at a showing I saw this, this house is you know, this space is perfectly suited for this doesn’t get on video does it all in just in images and gets a ton of interaction as a result of that because it’s consistent. It’s something that’s attracted that people can be drawn to. And it’s something that she can do without feeling a lot of discomfort.

D.J. Paris 39:33
And you can do or totally agree that this is something you could find your own little niche. I mean Zillow Gone Wild the account on Instagram and Facebook if you’re not familiar, you need to be because this is mostly a non real estate professional followed real estate account, sort of poking fun at people’s design choices with their homes. Zillow Gone Wild is a perfect example because even though I don’t watch real estate shows on television I just I don’t watch the reality stuff with real estate. I follow Zillow gone wild because I am fascinated by what people do on the inside of their homes, especially when they do wacky things. And that’s, that’s what that sort of account is all about. You could go to every showing and find something unique. And maybe you don’t out the you know, the address of the property. But you can always say, you know, like you were saying your hashtag could be weird things, I find it showings or something. And that would be huge for people. Everyone loves to get a little everyone’s got something weird in their house anyway. So. All right, Chris. Well, this is so great. If you want to see, we’ve covered like five of these statistics, there’s 111 of them. This just came out. While by the time we released this episode will probably have been three weeks or so. But if you go to the close, and or, you know, we’re gonna have a link to this in the show notes this particular article about 111 Shocking real estate statistics you need to know but this is good stuff, guys, you can use this to reach out to clients right, deepen your connection on social all sorts of great ideas, build your team. So go visit the they also have a premium membership called the clothes pro where in most of their content is 100% free you don’t have to subscribe but if you want to take it to the next level, they have premium content as well. It’s like $1 a day it’s totally worth it. The clothes pro when you go to the Look at the clothes pro try it for a month see if you like it, I promise you will. Chris does a lot of coaching on there as well. And obviously he knows his stuff. So everybody visit the They’re awesome, let’s support them. They don’t need our support, but they deserve our support because they are really the best source I have found for anything related to really deep dive non sort of non ideological or you know, basically just here’s the facts. Here’s what we find related to anything about building your brand or your business as a real estate agent. So check out the guys You won’t regret it they’re the best. Chris thank you as always I will let you get on with your busy day but boy I wish I could talk to you for another hour with more of these stats because I find them so fascinating.

Chris Linsell 42:10
Well I’m sure we’ll connect on this and I’m gonna be smoking up pork butt this weekend. I’m sure we’ll chat about it. By the

D.J. Paris 42:17
way, Chris, if anyone out there who is into smoking you actually and I don’t want to put words in your mouth but before we go, you actually so brisket is often considered like the Holy Grail of smoking because it’s expensive. It sort of seems fancy it’s it’s it’s a cool thing. It’s not as common but I and I have now done both I’ve smoked pork butt which is pulled pulled pork for those of us not in the smoking community polpark versus brisket and Chris I believe you have told me that you actually prefer the taste of pulled pork over brisket if you had to choose one or the other. Is that that accurate?

Chris Linsell 42:51
Well, I mean, I don’t want to I don’t want to offend anybody and they like the like religious smoker community or anything here but their pork has a lot going for it when you’re smoking. A chunk of meat that size takes a long time you got a lot of good flavor in there. It lasts forever. Pulled Pork will last you forever in the fridge or the freezer and you can put it on so many things. It can be in sliders, it can be on nachos, it could be it could be so versatile. I’m not saying don’t go Brisket. Brisket is delicious, but give pork a chance people and pork.

D.J. Paris 43:26
It’s a heck of a lot cheaper. You can usually find it for a couple of bucks a pound sometimes. Whereas brisket I just did a brisket and it was like $13 a pound it was so I can

Chris Linsell 43:35
feed the entire barbecue with $25 with a pork butt. I can barely feed myself for $25 The Briscoe

D.J. Paris 43:43
well we will Chris Niobe will announce our smoking conversation. Smoker conversation podcast. But for now we will say goodbye. Maybe we’ll we will start giving some some grilling and barbecue tips. Yeah,

Chris Linsell 43:59
right. Questions about barbecue and grill. I I’m not I’m not I’m being totally serious here. If there’s one question from somebody about how to prepare meat on a smoker, I will answer it for you on the next podcast that I’m here with DJ I’m just I’m just calling out. Right DJ, find a way to get this question to him and I will answer your question. And by

D.J. Paris 44:23
the way, a grill or a smoker is a fantastic closing gift. And it doesn’t have to be 1000s of dollars you this is a great I mean assuming you understand what the family wants and needs. That is a heck of a good gift. So keep that in mind too. All right, Chris will chat with you next month Always a pleasure Chris Lynn sell by the way Chris speaks all over the country is constantly in demand. Are you have any upcoming speaking appearances? Yeah,

Chris Linsell 44:50
you guys are I you know this one’s gonna by the time this episode drops would be perfect time for conference planning during the State of California. I’ll be at the car Are reimagine event in Long Beach, middle of October. If you are in the National Association of Realtors, and coming to the NAR conference, I’ll be speaking at the NAR conference in Orlando in November. And if you are in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania and coming to the triple play conference in December in Atlantic City, I’ll be presenting actually four different stage presentations in Atlantic City so you can literally have an entire day with me if you feel like

D.J. Paris 45:25
well, that would that that sounds like a dream for I’m sure a lot of our audience. I mean, seriously, I love I love hanging out with you. All right, yeah, we will. We will call it a day. Thanks, everyone for being being a listener and participant with our show. We consider our audience our family, even though we don’t get to speak with you directly. Hopefully, we’re speaking to you. And we want your feedback as Chris said, so let us know what you want more on the show. And also send us your your questions about about grills, smoking barbecued anything, we will answer it next time. Chris, on behalf of everyone, we thank you for being part of our show for as many years as you have been. Chris is a wonderful guy and obviously real a real asset to our show. And also on behalf of Chris and myself. Every single one of you that listens. This is the reason we do it’s because of you the person I’m talking to right now in your ears, that you are the reason we do this. So we need your help. Tell us what you want more of what you want less of it. Also tell a friend about the show, the more people who know about us brings in more opportunities for us to give you better content. So just tell a friend that’s all we ask. Okay, Chris, thanks for being on the show. We’ll see you again next week or next month. Thanks, guys.

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