Introduction strategies – Level up my Girlfriend or college or just a friend


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Introduction strategies – Level up my Girlfriend or college or just a friend

We all want to feel our choices makes a diffence.
We all want to feel the reward of hard work.

I know you generously want to share all you’ve looted, or happily will power level them thru that inferno level and that’s fine if you’re doing it to or with someone who play the Exp per hour game. But if you’re wanting to introduce someone to something new, you’ll be more strategic leaving them challenges they can conquer themselves. Otherwise they will most likely just feel like they’re in your shadow and eventually leave the game.

The strategic move is to let them play the game their way.

Let them create awesome pick robes if that’s making their day even if you don’t see the stat on if when they’re done.

Let them explore herbs or any other crafting that might appear slow or pointless to you. We play the game to have fun after all all and fun is always subjective. Never exactly the same aligned for everyone. Exactly the same thing in work when delegating a task or introducing some-one new. They will solve the problem in a slightly different way. Don’t make them play it your way. Encourage their own elaboration just show them when they’ll be out leveled and smashed to bits. (in office that would say show them backup-and-restore) in a game it could be how to identify some mob as waaay to powerful.. with the keyword.. Right now..

For example I remember when in Everquest 1999 a girlfriend and I traveled a long time to GUK to get her an awesome armor that I done recall the name of. Once there we roamed around for a short while looking for it and then while she was getting me some coffee some random unknown player hands her avatar that armor. (That I was controlling to keep us both safe)

I remember saying something “that’s and she’ll reply when she’s back” not knowing what to say.
that was 1.6% rare drop – totally ruining the award feeling just getting it for free. Even if the item itself was worth a fortune (and a VERY generous gift from this other player) it was still not “felt” like one and I remember thinking am I doing her an ill favor handing this to her. There will be NO point in exploring this part now.

And I think we quite often do exactly that in our eager to help. We Twink our friend so they won’t need to Switch gear for twenty levels. Very Efficient Level machine, but very boring pointless playing.

It works perfectly when leveling up a second alt but not when you want to get someone to really enjoy the game. Since nothing of what they find will matter to them. All that question will not make any difference at all for them. They’re just going thru the motions without passion

And you know what? It’s EXACLY the same thing in your office right now. Think about that if you’re responsible for new recruits. We want to help them and protect them. But if we give them a sandbox and say “here” – nothing you do here will make a difference they won’t feel they’re helping the team.

Give them something they can do for the team, for the company quickly and heads-on.
of course. Don’t give them high-risk stuff. Don’t give them complex first you need to learn all this stuff. Give them something that is challenging but doable at their level. And if you’re the manager that’s your job, not theirs. They can’t know first week on the job.

Another thing I see quite often is the introducer can’t sit still on their knowledge. Trusting their “young padawan” to learn the ropes themselves. Move aside. I will kill this beast for you.
You’re losing durability the way you’re doing it. Let me know you. (Taking over the reins)

Take a breath and let them learn at their own pace. Rewards feels so much better when we’ve won them ourselves. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be generous because of course we should. But think about the strategic long-term effect. You are essentially robbing them of that level-up feeling when you’re not allowing them that progress wooden stick – copper rod – copper sword – steel sword – epic whatever when they’re getting that epic directly.

Instead go for things that makes them feel free to explore. Teach them what’s safe and whats the boundaries but in an open way where THEY can ask, not you show and tell.

Works like a charm in real life too. We ALL want to feel skilled at what we’re doing. Not that I know I’m the player right now but the most efficient think would be if I got out of the chair and let you play my avatar. Then I won’t have as much fun. Its fine if I have being playing similar games and know what I want but it won’t last long-term, and especially not when introducing someone new to the field.

Doesn’t matter what game you’re playing. Or tool you’re using at work.

Try it yourself. See if it makes a difference in your life when you think strategically about this while introducing someone to something that’s new to them and you’re a master at it.

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Everquest press image

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