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KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”

Select programming from KMOJ's airwaves and community voices. Since first going “on the air” in 1976, KMOJ-89.9-FM continues its legacy as the community-oriented station located in Minneapolis, Minnesota airing a predominantly urban adult contemporary format. “KMOJ’s Community Viewpoint” is one way the station achieves its mission of engaging, supporting and empowering Communities of Color to elevate the way of life of the people of its community and to challenge social and economic disparit ...
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Rochelle Cox, Superintendent MPS, discusses improving the climate inside our schools. Climate refers to how all of our employees contribute to making Minneapolis Public Schools a place for everyone.The goal is to have MPS known by our community aswelcoming, responsive and connected by: Fully implementing the climate framework to ensure alldistrict …
Dr. Nathan Chomilio, Medical Director, State of Minnesota for Medicaid and MinnesotaCare Programs talks with Freddie Bell about Medical Benefit extensions to 12 months after giving birth instead of only 60 days. Dr. Chomilo also offers an opinion on the CDC's relaxation of COVID guidelines.Door KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
Artika Tyner 2022 Bush Fellow, is a accomplished educator, civil rights attorney, law professor and award-winning children's book author, who beat the odds as a child growing up surrounded by incarcerated family members. She immersed herself in books from an early age and became a first-generation college student. Now, she seeks to share the gift o…
Dr. Cedric Alexander, was sworn is a the City of Minneapolis fir Community Safety Commissioner with the authority to oversee and direct the city's community safety departments, including Police, Fire, 911, Emergency Management and the Office of Violence Prevention (Neighborhood Safety). The Executive Order formalizes the Commissioner's role in help…
Latasha Lee is the owner of Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare which is a certified Nursing Assistant School. The school is located at 5701 Kentucky Ave Suite 155, Crystal Minnesota. The CNA classes are offered 2 days a week for 5 weeks. CPR/First Aid training available!Door KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
A legendary journey has come to an end. Hall of Fame basketball coach Larry McKenzie is retiring. He reflects on his career with KMOJ's Freddie Bell and says instead of coaching players he may begin helping coaches.Door KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
Rochelle Cox has more than 25 years’ experience as an educator with MPS, notably serving studentswho receive Special Education services and their families for much of that time. As she moves intoher role as interim superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, Rochelle is focused on listening,learning and identifying ways to help the community come…
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and a national coalition of 22 attorneys general today issued a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to supporting and expanding access to abortion care. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, access to safe and legal abortion remains robustly protect…
Jason Bucklin, Out4Good Coordinator for Minneapolis Schools shares details about the program. He says Out4Good and MPS are dedicated to creating safe and supportive schools for the LBGT+ community. The program offers support through outreach programs and school and district level resourcesDoor KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
Urban League Twin Cities President Steven Belton shares thoughts on the MN Department of Human Rights report on discrimination in the Minneapolis Police Department. He discusses the findings with KMOJ's Freddie Bell.Door KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison says the state Department of Human Rights finding that shows Minneapolis Police engaged in a pattern of racial discrimination is similar to a 1994 ruling and says a Federal Report could be coming next. He sits down for an exclusive interview with KMOJ's Freddie Bell.…
MPS Mental Health Support Services team launched a mental health caregiver survey for families to complete earlier this year. The results of the survey is the basis for the content for the Mental Health Caregiver Institute, taking place, Saturday, April 30thDoor KMOJ-89.9 FM “The People’s Station”
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