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《TSP怪奇档案》(The Strange Profile)是一档集合了科幻 / 野史 / 中外神话 / 都市传说 等题材于一身的强趣味,强科普性质的脱口秀节目。由飞面与《食色性》原班人马共同打造,希望在带给你冷门科普的同时,让你获得更多有趣的谈资。 weibo:凹凸电波 攻种号:凹凸电波
Welcome to the rambunctious world of TSprads. Week to week I'll get you caught up on the hilarity and stupidity that is my life as I tell you all "where I'm at with that." Co-hosts and guests will join me for games and discussion of weekly themes. I'll desperately reach out for interactions with my one faithful listener per week via Twitter polls and conversations. Keep laughing and keep it weird, my friends.
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To suggest more topics and to share your feedback, you can write to us on upscradio@gmail.com or to our Whatsapp: +91 9701611244 Our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/upscradiodvd UPSC Radio got awarded for Best Regional Education Podcast show at India Audio Awards 2023 at Bombay. Thanks for all the support and love.…
主播:TAKO / 黄瓜 / 张老师 久违的真相寻踪系列来了 这起案件是日本有史以来 悬赏金额最高的一起悬案 凶手留下大量的线索物证 为何调查了二十余年 还是无法锁定嫌疑人? 本期案件的资料非常庞大复杂 梳理下来实属不易 希望大家支持一下呜呜呜 BGM: Last Cigarette - 曹英沃
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