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This conversation with Slavoj Zizek was inspired by a previous interview with Michael Albert. After discussing Albert’s ideas about participatory economics, Douglas Lain mentioned that unlike Chomsky and Albert, he believed that critical theory was important to the struggle for socialism and mentioned that Slavoj Zizek’s Hegelian leftism was partic…
Todd McGowan talks with Slavoj Zizek and Russell Sbriglia about Hegel as a political theorist in relation to Marx. They debate the extent to which Hegel can offer a paradigm for challenging capitalism, as well as discuss the most effective interpretations of HegelDoor Slavoj Žižek - Collected Recordings
The Department of German at NYU, the NYU Department of Comparative Literature, and Deutsches Haus at NYU present a discussion between Slavoj Žižek, Rebecca Comay, and Frank Ruda which will revolve around Comay and Ruda’s book The Dash—The Other Side of Absolute Knowing. Deutsches Haus at NYUDoor Slavoj Žižek - Collected Recordings
Slavoj Žižeks first stage play “The Three Lives of Antigone” premiered in Germany at the FFT Düsseldorf, by the ensemble of the AGORA Theater. After one of the shows, the Slovenian philosopher spoke with the director Felix Ensslin about his work. Moderation: Kathrin Tiedemann. Düsseldorf, GermanyDoor Slavoj Žižek - Collected Recordings
Žižek dissects our current political and social climate, discussing everything from Jordan Peterson and sex ‘unicorns’ to Greta Thunberg and Chairman Mao. This is Žižek’s attempt to elucidate the major political issues of the day from a truly radical left position. Institute for the Radical Imagination New York, USA…
During the third Talk Europe Robert Pfaller, Slavoj Žižek, Peter Pilz & Judith Ransmayr had a discussion about the future of europe. Unfortunately, everybody except Žižek talked in german, so I had to cut them out. You can find the full debate here: Marxpalast, Vienna…
The NYU Department of German and Deutsches Haus at NYU present “The Fate of the Commons: A Trotskyite View” with Slavoj Žižek as part of NYU Skirball’s “On Your Marx” festival in celebration of Karl Marx’s 200th birthday. Skirball Center for Performing Arts, New YorkDoor Slavoj Žižek - Collected Recordings
The lecture was given as part of promotion of Žižek’s book with the same title – First as Tragedy, Then as Farce – analysing how the tragedy of September 11 moved US to the farcical 2008 financial crisis. Cooper Union, New YorkDoor Slavoj Žižek - Collected Recordings
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