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So in this #SHILANGUSESSIONSI am joined by NASTY JACK!(DISCLAIMER!!)We suffered Microphone issues! typically! but I personally could of not hadA better guest to take over the show all on his ones!Whilst I Take in all the GEMS!NASTY JACK was GIFTING US!!& ask whichever questions I Could!THIS INTERVIEW ISNT 1 TO BE SLEPT ON!!!We speak all things..Mus…
So in this #SHILANGUSESSIONSI am joined by One of the pioneer #GRIME producers the legendary Mr BIG E-Dwho came up in Terror Danjah's Crew Aftershock, One of the biggest, most influential #GRIME crews! We speak all things AFTERSHOCK, TERROR DANJAH, DOK, SIR SPYRO, MONKSTAR, RECORD SHOPS, RETURNING AFTER HIATUS, PRODUCTION, MYSPACE, FULLY GEEKED, Th…
SHILANGU#SHILANGUSESSIONS Intervieww/ TEN DIXON (FULL) On Don City RadioHAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Seeing as it's a new year (BIG 2020)its a New format!Where I will be having shows based around 1 guest(Either DJ, MC, Producer, Promoter, Etc)& Having In...Door SHILANGU
SHILANGU#SHILANGUSESSIONSInterview w/ DJ MAK10So in this #SHILANGUSESSIONSI am joined by One of the pioneer #GRIME DJ's from the legendary N.A.S.T.Y Crew (1 of the biggest #GRIME Crews of all time)I'm joined by Mr. DJ MAK10!We speak all things N.A.S.T.Y...Door darren
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