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Award-winning recording artist, former worship leader, pop star, and now mom of two in Saint John, Hilary Ladd lays it all out on the table in a conversation with host Julia Wright. Ladd talks about the exhaustion of motherhood, her new songs and the journey that lead her to write them.
Health Canada has approved the first oral COVID-19 medication that can prevent severe illness in some high-risk patients. Host Julia Wright speaks with Dr. Michael Rieder, from Western University, to discuss why Pfizer's Paxlovid's use could help take the pressure off some Canadian hospitals.
Dr. Mark MacMillan, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society is calling for a tougher approach with people who remain unvaccinated for COVID-19. He speaks with host Julia Wright about why he thinks the province should use penalties to encourage compliance.
You can find the Gospel here. 1. Contemplate Christ in the midst of the crowds. Let yourself feel some of the chaos. 2. Contemplate the peaceful, merciful heart of Christ in the midst of the chaos. 3. Unite your heart to His. Ask Him to give you his peace. -Fr. Joseph Piper --- Send in a voice message:…
The City of Saint John's Immigration Strategy is expected out this spring. This morning we get an update on the early findings. Host Julia Wright speaks with David Dobbelsteyn, Growth Manager for the City and Valentin Boinitski project manager with the SJ Local Immigration Partnership.
Linsey Marr, professor of engineering at Virginia Tech studies how viruses transmit in the air, speaks with host Julia Wright about her research on how COVID spreads through the air. She also and directly addresses comments Education Minister Dominic Cardy made earlier this week.
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