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Full ServiceWHERE HAS THE CHURCH GONE?A hidden city? Entrusted with light under a bowl? Bringing reproach and scorn upon God?WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD?Enlightened. Educated. Steeped in human wisdom and philosophy. IN DARKNESS!“All...Door Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker
Full ServiceWhy do we celebrate important dates? General holidays (family day) vs. personal birthday, anniversaryThe Lord’s Supper is an ordinance because it pictures the Gospel and is commanded in order to make certain Christ and His saving work...Door Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker
Full ServiceNothing artificially interfered with the discipleship pathway from salvation-membership in the primitive church—“that day!” (Acts 2:41) –talk about a formula for corpus permixtum! Started the day lost and damned to Hell, and by the end...Door Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker
Full ServiceWhat are the elements that together, distinctively and intrinsically, make a church a church?God’s Organized, Purposeful, AssemblyA people, an assembly, called out to be usable by God• God’s church organized His way (1 Cor...Door Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker
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