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GYMR is a conversational podcast between comedians Matt and Daniel. The subject matter is usually on the funny and ridiculous side of things, but occasionally will drift into more serious or intellectual conversation. GYMR podcasts will be released as they are completed. #Podcast #Comedy #Interview #Conversation #Storytelling #Funny #Entertainment
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Matt and Daniel are back in full effect this week! Daniel pitches an idea for a new game show, Matt and Daniel talk about what it might be like to be female, aging relationships and eavesdropping on other people's fights, and Matt lives out a fantasy of being the star witness in a courtroom.Door Get Your Mind Right
Matt and Daniel get serious with a theme of self discovery this week! They joke on forgetfulness, diligence, talk about not smoking pot anymore and how smells can bring back memories, have a long discussion about getting to know oneself, and Matt shares a few things that get under his skin such as peeling out.…
Matt and Daniel interview a special guest this week! Cornshaq of Twitch and YouTube fame is gracious enough to take some time to answer some serious and not so serious questions from Matt and Daniel.Unfamiliar with Cornshaq? Check out his YouTube and Twitch channels!…
Known for his award-winning short films, Kasimir Burgess will premiere Fell, his highly anticipated first feature film, at the Sydney Film Festival. Kasimir, Matt Nable and Daniel Henshall discuss the process of making this visually breathtaking film.
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