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Discùssing all things related to Bushcraft, camping, survival, hunting, and more. Wilderness survival instructor, and Anishinaabe storyteller Caleb Musgrave and his guests will share open, and oftentimes candid experiences from the wilderness. From mountain lion encounters, to shenanigans in the woods. The Canadian Bushcraft Podcast is both informative, and entertaining.
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In this episode, Caleb updates everyone on what has been happening at Canadian Bushcraft over the last four months. From raising waterfowl, to building an entire food forest, to creating soil like some sort of Forest Spirit, to a big move for the family. He also has updates about upcoming in-person classes.…
In this episode, Caleb sits down with North-Central Ontario Trapper Jon Gattozzi, to discuss what goes through the mind of a person to begin trapping. Is it the money? Is it the desire to help balance the ecosystem? Is it the love for the heritage and tradition? Or is it something else?
Whether it be in an emergency, for an expedition, or for a class, leadership. In this episode, Co-Host Ry the Adventure Guy breaks down what are the virtues, and skills of a leader. As well, he, Caleb and Nikki discuss a few perspectives of good leadership, and how to become a better leader.
So, you have a loved one (friend, family, spouse, etc) that is into bushcraft, survival skills and camping. What are some great options to get them a holiday present? What are some not so great options? In this episode, host Caleb Musgrave breaks down how to figure out what to get that special someone.…
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