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Dreamlancer finds a new kinship with our guest bard, Apophis. Together, they travel to the town of Klendel, and find that not everything is going pleasantly. Everything is bound up, and more IMPortantly, the golf course is completely broken. What will the gang do? www.bardicmysterytour.comDoor Bardic Mystery Tour
Journey into the rotblack sludge. You can find more information about Mork Borg on their website. Sponsor: Whaling City Web Cast Andrew (Andrew’s Twitter) Chris (Chris’s Twitter) Gino (Gino’s Twitter) Matt (Matt’s Twitter) If you liked the show, tell a friend, or review us on your podcast service of choice Gino does title card illustrations for our…
Dreamlancer has a tough decision to make. It's harder for some than others. Find out what kind of emotional turmoil the Dungeon Master has in store for the gang after they find out who stole the classified envelope. Or was it a folder? www.bardicmysterytour.comDoor Bardic Mystery Tour
The Dreamlancer teamlancer finally figures out what's been stinking up the venue this whole time, but they really flounder on figuring out how to fix it! Listen in on 4 frustrated dungeoneers in this week's exciting episode! There's a song in it, too! www.bardicmysterytour.comDoor Bardic Mystery Tour
Dreamlancer travels deep into the city of Hangthwane to play another rock and roll gig. Much to their dismay, there is an odiferous issue, and none of the locals are willing to spend time in the olid venue. How will Dreamlancer even play their show!? www.bardicmysterytour.comDoor Bardic Mystery Tour
Dreamlancer gets on the road with their "new" band member. They find a secret village, and try to book a show. However, nothing comes easily to rock and rolling bards, and they're going to have to clear the area of wildlife before they can attract an audience. bardicmysterytour.comDoor Bardic Mystery Tour
The gang finds themselves in the clutches of the Goblin King with no way out except to help him to destroy the Mountain of Fame. Accompanied by the goblin jailor, Booger, they make their way off into the unknown with minor delays. House Sivis Echoer Station…
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